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About Me

I am a goofball, a delinquent, a dancing dork. My life is a crapshoot, and my work shows you my life. I constantly rediscover my authentic self, then give that self all the love and space it can stand. I enjoy investigating love, expression, mental health, social justice, and the occasional (or constant) mindless fun. However we encounter one another, I hope my silly little shows and silly little games bring you joy and warmth at the least, and inspiration to do the amazing things you’re capable of at the most. Thank you for being here!


I was born and raised in Maryland, currently living just outside Washington D.C. I have a B.A in Acting from UMBC, and an MFA in Devised Performance from University of the Arts/Pig Iron School in Philadelphia. Areas where I have training/experience/passion include traditional theatre, devised theatre, musical theatre, theatre education, improv, Lecoq, Shakespeare, hosting/emceeing, game shows, and professional wrestling.

photo by John C Hawthorne

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